From being insecure about my skin and having no success with Accutane, to becoming an Acne Expert with a 98% clear rate. I want to share my story with you because it's important to me that you know the real me. I've seen a lot of "about pages" that only talk about people's accomplishments, but I think it's equally important to share the struggles that have shaped who we are.

As a teenager, I struggled with severe acne that left me feeling insecure and worthless. I tried everything the dermatologist gave me, including Accutane, but nothing worked. The worst of my acne was on my back and shoulders, so I never wore tank tops or anything that would expose my skin.

One summer, while on vacation with my family, my brother convinced me to join him in the pool. I didn't want to because of my acne, but my mom suggested I wear a shirt over my swimsuit to cover up. As we played in the pool, some kids approached us and one of them started making fun of me for wearing a shirt. It was a devastating moment for me, and it only added to the insecurity I already felt about my skin.



Despite my struggles, I eventually became an acne expert with a 98% clear rate. I developed a safe and effective way to clear acne, something that I wish I had access to when I was a teenager. This journey wasn't easy, and was filled with depression and anxiety — but I persevered, and now I want to help others who are going through the same thing that I did.

One client that comes to mind is a woman in her 50s who had struggled with acne for most of her life. She had tried several rounds of Accutane as a kid and in adulthood, but nothing seemed to work. She once told me that as a young girl, she wished she was overweight instead of having acne, thinking that losing weight would be easier than clearing up her skin. This just goes to show the psychological toll that acne can have on someone, and it's a reminder of why I'm so passionate about helping others overcome this condition.

So, that's my story. It's not a perfect one, and it's filled with moments of pain and struggle. But it's also a story of resilience and hope. And it's a story that has inspired me to help others in a way that I wish I had been helped when I was younger.

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